Social Advertising

Advertising is definitive. Whether you want to reach a larger audience, generate more sales or interact with your fans, social advertising is the way. Besides, it costs a fraction of a TV or radio commercial. Not convinced yet? Then read on!

Immense possibilities

There is no limit to the possibilities of social media advertisements. You only want to reach people on Facebook and Instagram with a birthday in May? No problem! Do you only want to post when it’s freezing? With WeatherAds we’ll take care of it for you. Advertising on keywords on Pinterest or reaching followers of specific influencers on TikTok, it’s all possible! We’d be more than happy to inform you about it or you can check out our Academy

International advertising campaigns

As mentioned earlier, advertising on social media knows no boundaries for us, literally. We set up successful, international social advertising campaigns for brands such as Vivera, Bepanthen and De Kuyper. For an optimal customer journey we use the See-Think-Do-Care or Touch-Tell-Sell model. Put your brand out there and strive for international fame.

Analyse and KPI’s

Success is measurable on social media. We adjust campaigns for maximum results using A/B testing and AI. Once a campaign has been completed, we compare the results with the KPIs. We will take the learnings from this evaluation into following campaigns to ensure optimum results. We regularly involve account managers from the major social platforms in this process. We pull out all the stops to exceed your expectations.

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