Robey scores gold during Black Friday with targeted social advertising

Since 1947, Robey has been known for its top-quality sportswear. The brand’s mission is to make the very best football apparel, and thanks to the collaboration with Somention, they can effectively reach their target audience. This was also the case during the Black Friday conversion campaign on Instagram and Facebook.

The goal

The aim of the social campaign was to alert the target audience to a 30% Black Friday discount offer on Robey’s entire range, and ensure that they go to the website via the ads to buy the products. By using always-on targeting, retargeting and lookalike audiences, we managed to successfully target the campaign.

Return on Ad Spend > 11

Thanks to the deployment of this conversion campaign on Instagram and Facebook, we managed to achieve wonderful results. We were able to refer the right people from the target groups through the advertisements to the Robey website to make a purchase. In just six days, purchases were sky high, and we achieved a ROAS (Return On Ad Spend) of no less than 11.44. This means that the investment in the campaign has paid for itself more than eleven times. A golden result for Robey, Somention, and the consumers!