Somention, hét social media bureau | The Fan Creating Social Agency
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Work for fans

Our mission

As digital natives, we know how to tell the story of companies and brands through social media. We do this not only with unique content and inspiring campaigns, but especially by initiating the conversation. Because it is only when you really connect with your target group that you will be able to create fans. And that generates extra value for your brand.

What we

With a team of 60 enthusiastic experts, we are ahead of the game, keeping up with the times and thinking ahead in the dynamic world of social. Somention provides strategy, content creation, social advertising and webcare & community management for a large number of (international) A-brands in 15 languages. Together with our dedicated fans from all over the world, we build on the success of our clients!

Every day we combine our hands and brains to advise brands about the right way to use social media. Why we are good at what we do? Because we work with brands we truly like!

We work for:

Phone House

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