New Kicks, Fresh Start

Apply for a job with your old sneakers

Finding staff remains a challenge. That’s why we came up with a striking recruitment campaign for Domino’s aimed at Gen Z: apply with your old sneakers through WhatsApp and have a chance at winning limited edition Domino’s sneakers for a fresh start at your new job.

Reaching Gen Z

The target group is approached through Instagram, TikTok and Snapchat with content that perfectly matches their interests. Gen Z is interested in fashion and exclusivity. In this way we show that Domino’s is close to its target group and knows exactly what is going on in their world. Because if you can identify with your prospective employer, the chances are considerably higher that you will apply here.

Limited Edition

Hired? As a brand new employee you then have a chance at winning Limited Edition Domino’s sneakers. This shoe, the Air Jordan 1 High, was specially designed by Vijz Bespokes. In addition to the distinctive Domino’s colors red, white and blue, some unique features can be found on the shoe. For instance, there is a zipper in the tongue, where deliverers can store their tips. Furthermore, part of the shoe features reflective material, which contributes to visibility on the road.


Somention provides newsjackers and social campaigns for Domino’s. Do you also want to make an impact with your content? Let us know!