The crème de la crème
against eczema

Influencer campaign, always-on and advertising

Somention has been working for Bepanthen since 2016. Our dedicated brand team works enthusiastically on the social media channels and has meanwhile built up a loyal fan base and community. When Bepanthen asked us to come up with a taboo-breaking awareness campaign about their Eczema Cream, the team was immediately up to speed to make this a huge success.

Way of work

For this campaign, we started a collaboration with content creator Daan Boom. This creative multi-talent is a comedian, writer, singer and well-known presenter of the programme ‘Streetlab’. What many people don’t know is that he has had many problems with eczema. And it just so happens that he brings up this subject in his YouTube docuseries ‘The Dean’. Here, Daan tries to make it into the Dutch hip-hop scene, but also to draw attention to the taboo around eczema. A collab with Bepanthen was therefore the perfect match.

In the branded episode of ‘The Dean’, Daan tells his personal story about eczema, informs his viewers about do’s & don’ts around eczema and is very positive about Bepanthen. He does this in a light-hearted and humorous way, by means of a cool rap video.

Besides the cool influencer content, Bepanthen’s always-on content was also dedicated to the Eczema Cream. We created informative and inspiring content: quotes, recognizable moments, quizzes and all of this with a touch of humour. With this perfect balance of different content, we introduced the target group to this product.

The result

During the four-week campaign period, a total of 1M people were reached, with engagements reaching 260K. With this original, funny and informative content, we managed to reach a large audience and more than achieved our goals, with the Bepanthen product flying out of the shops.

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