The tastiest and trendiest fries on social media!

You’ve probably eaten Lamb Weston more often than you think! You most likely recognise them from the freezer aisle in your supermarket, but you’ve definitely enjoyed them at major restaurant chains like McDonald’s and Burger King. Our task? To increase their brand awareness among consumers!

World Flavours Campaign

To introduce the new range of Lamb Weston snacks, we created the ‘Small bites, World Flavours’ campaign. With this international campaign, we developed playful and flavourful content. The miniature characters, created to match each snack, stole the show on social media, landing pages, banners, and menus in selected restaurants.

User Generated Content

To share the Lamb Weston story with the rest of the world, we introduced User Generated Content through our Influentials platform. We asked creators to make the tastiest dips as part of the ‘Dip or Skip’ format. And the content, it leaves you craving for more!