Ritter Sport – Blokje om

“The most enjoyable advertisement I have ever seen” – that’s what it’s all about, isn’t it?! For Ritter Sport, we took a stroll to see if people really do know each other well. With every correct answer, they could earn a delightful chocolate bar. And, that content is quite well-received. The most viewed TikTok video (featuring friends Elsa and Jacqueline) organically (!) reached nearly 1 million views! But Darcy & Bart (707K), Tisha and Dianira (680K), and Tim and David (539) also managed to strike the right chord on Instagram and TikTok.

Why it works

Ritter Sport’s content feels authentic: we see real people having fun together! No commercial messages, no prominent branding or logos. Just content that feels social. Because if you want to stand out in a timeline full of memes and TikTok trends, you need to create something that the target audience truly enjoys watching. And it works: the results and comments from the community speak for themselves!