Aan de bak

We all know Lotus Biscoff, the most iconic cookie to have  with your coffee. But… did you know that Lotus Biscoff is also an incredible ingredient to enhance your baking? For Lotus we came up with the flavourful campaign #AandeBakmetLotusBiscoff to get everyone in the Netherlands baking!

Layered influencer strategy

With a layered influencer strategy, we inspired the target audience to get hands-on in the kitchen. We kicked off the campaign with five macro-influencers. After this initial push, we collaborated with 15 micro-influencers and sent out 50 PR boxes. Influencers were at the heart of this campaign, but of course, we also created our own content to tempt as many people as possible. We just couldn’t resist!


And the results, they were finger-licking good. With over 11 million impressions, 24,000 video views, and 60,000 Thruplays, our campaign generated more than €390,000 in PR value. Tasty, right? Proof that the authentic content from our influencers and creators hit the spot!