Strategic social plan

Viper Hard Seltzer: sparkling water with a bite! This refreshing drink is rapidly conquering the Hard Seltzer market. Viper invites you to enjoy life together. It’s up to us to position Viper distinctively on social media. We do this by creating content with a bite and Positive Vipes. We think in terms of possibilities and challenge our followers to get all they can out of life.


Format development

With our creative formats, we dive into the living world of our target audience. At the park with a Viper in your hand? Chances are you can tick off all the clichés in our park bingo. In front of a festival stage in summer? No stress! With our icebreakers you can strike up a conversation with that one hottie at the party with no problem. With Viper you’re encouraged to step out of your comfort zone and go for ‘a life with more bite’.

icebreaker #3 vet speciaal optie 2-1 (1)
icebreaker #3 vet speciaal optie 2-2_
Bingo - Festival 1
Bingo festival 2

Positive Vipes

Viper’s social channels now buzz with energy, are unconventional, expressive and outgoing. We need no reason to enjoy ourselves and we don’t take life too seriously. And you can taste that in everything we do. With us, the can is always half full. Therefore, we are here for the people who like to say “yes” and take on adventure. With our content, we appeal to a target group that has exactly our same outlook on life. So… Let’s have a Viper?

Somention provides the social strategy, formats, always-on content, video productions, interactive campaigns and community management for Viper Hard Seltzer.