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Epic burger challenge

With Vivera, producer of plant-based meat, we proved once and for all that you don’t need meat to eat delicious guilty pleasures. Mouthwatering recipes laid claim to the national ‘Week Without Meat’. With seven guilty pleasure recipes and an epic TikTok challenge, we claimed the attention of the target group on social media. Subsequently, well-known content creators set to work to increase Vivera’s brand awareness and reach even further. With more than 17 million(!) impressions in a week and a half, we can speak of a success. Take a sneak preview of this campaign below.

Watch the Vivera case video:


The campaign had to draw attention with delicious shots of dishes that you would not easily label as vegan. That is why we went into the studio. With a clean Vivera green background, we let cheese and sauce drip and chips and bacon fly. The result was content that made your mouth water.


The biggest spectacle was the Epic Burger Challenge that won the likes of TikTok. TikTok creators were challenged to build epic burgers. To this end, we worked with Tambr Sonic Branding on a soundtrack that was both epic and characteristically Vivera. In the meantime, Holland’s most famous creators set a good example, resulting in the most creative burgers and videos.


The enthusiasm of the audience blew us away. The TikTok target group engaged en masse with an engagement rate of 1.05%. That was 3 to 7 times more than on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest. The number of followers climbed from 0 to 4,873. We also saw a huge increase in the number of followers on Instagram, with 2,511 followers in one week. Overall, more than 17 million users saw Vivera appear in their timeline. A result that tastes like more!