International brand recognition

Who doesn’t know it? The yellow allioli tray! But how do we make sure that not only the yellow container, but also the Spanish brand Choví becomes better known among the target group? With the most delicious snack boards and creative recipes we put Choví on the map not only in the Netherlands, but also in Germany. In short: tasty content that is finger-licking good!

Community building

Our content resonates with the target audience. Choví Netherlands is known for its active community on social media. Through great contests, interaction with our allioli fans and fun online games, the target group knows how to find our channels. And that tastes like more! In a short period of time we have grown our follower numbers and built up a loyal fan base.

Creation, campaigns and advertising

How do we do this? With delicious content… if we do say so ourselves! Think seasonal photos and video shoots, the tastiest recipe videos, news jackers, delicious food combos, spot on win actions, active community management and, not to forget, social advertising. 

By using effective advertising, we reached as many as 4.3 million people on Instagram in one year for Choví in the Netherlands and Germany. In total, the content was displayed 17 million times. Without the use of social advertising, Choví’s organic content would ‘only’ have around 200,000 views. From this, we can conclude that the content was viewed over 16.5 million more times through effective advertising. In addition, for the Dutch and German accounts, we managed to achieve a growth in Instagram followers of 42% and 92% respectively in the same year.

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