The Netherlands and Belgium

Live Happy

For quite some time now, we have been bringing a smile to the faces of fans and followers of TUI Netherlands and Belgium. We do this by means of sharp, engaging content and catchy campaigns, such as the ‘Partij Voor De Vakantie’ (Party For The Holiday). After the large-scale rebranding of TUI, we transformed this smile into pure happiness. You know, that feeling you experience when you are on holiday. In other words: Live Happy!

Adventure & inspiration

Together with TUI, we create Live Happy content in which TUI fans can dream away to wonderful holiday destinations. Enticing holiday photography is central to the new branding. We add an interactive element to this always-on content, collecting the opinions and experiences of (potential) travelers. We also bridge the distance between brand and consumer by using influencers. The adventures they enthusiastically share inspire the target group. In addition, we use current events and relevant moments in the year to respond effectively.

Party for the Holiday

We are also seated in the cockpit for campaigns. In the run-up to the Dutch parliamentary elections, we campaigned in the name of TUI’s own party: the Party for the Holidays. We hit the streets with flight attendants to stand up for the interests of the traveller and the industry during the corona pandemic. In the end, we managed to collect 50,000 virtual votes. Enough for half a seat in parliament.


This campaign has won an AMMA Award. The AMMA Awards are the media awards in the Netherlands for the best campaigns, most remarkable concepts and greatest talents.


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