Social media strategy

Growth of 55,000 followers through social strategy

Van Oord. A huge company with great international name recognition and 150 years of experience. Even if you are not in the business, you have most likely heard of them. For example, they have played a major role in the transformation of Dubai. Van Oord approached Somention to expand its reach on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram and to ensure that one consistent brand identity and brand appearance is visible everywhere. On LinkedIn, the counter has now reached over 150,000 followers.

More coherence between the channels and establishing better emphasis on the ‘brand’ of Van Oord are the main issues that Somention has tackled. Van Oord is distinctive company and is different from its competitors. A real family business, where people, personal development and the environment are central. This must be reflected in all content.

Based on various brainstorms with the client, Somention has developed a new social media strategy based on the overall brand objectives. Together with Van Oord, Somention explores new channels and different content possibilities, such as employer branding via Instagram Stories and TikTok.