Spreading the joy of flowers to a younger audience

While Fleurop is a familiar name to many, especially among the younger audience, there’s still room to introduce them to the joy of sending flowers. Our mission is to inspire young people to embrace the tradition of gifting flowers more frequently and to foster a deeper connection with Fleurop as their preferred choice!

Social-First Approach

Through our social-first strategy, we’re crafting Fleurop’s image as your go-to florist by curating and creating captivating content on social media. The positive response has been so overwhelming that our campaigns have even extended to TV, online banners, and radio! Our latest campaign is a year-round activation, strategically aligning with significant moments like Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, and Christmas.

Always-On Content

Our presence extends beyond the expected moments on social media, because gifting flowers, day in and day out, evokes a continual sense of caring. Our focus is on highlighting Fleurop’s local charm, putting the spotlight on our community of florists, and showcasing how flowers bring joy. With a bouquet of content, we ensure visibility through every season.


The impact of our approach is evident! Recent studies reveal that 74% of our younger audience, aged 25 to 35, appreciates Fleurop’s efforts to stay trendy and modern. Additionally, there’s been a notable increase in market share among the 18 to 24 age group. It’s a testament to our success and deserves a bouquet of its own.