The Heroes of the Energy Transition

In the Netherlands, we are all using more and more electrical devices, and the electricity grid is becoming increasingly overcrowded. It is because of this that network operator Stedin is busy every day to expand and maintain the grid. Together with N=5 as the lead agency, we are helping to improve Stedin’s reputation and taking the target audience along on social media through the ins and outs of the energy transition.

Open straat vragen

In our always-on approach, we put the ‘heroes of the energy transition’ in the spotlight and explain a complicated topic in an accessible way. This not only generates sympathy and understanding, but also explains why your street will probably be dug up more often in the coming years. Content to energise you!

Lekker op weg

For #werkenbijstedin, we give a unique look inside the van of the Stedin technicians. From silly jokes to sincere conversations and from the best work stories to funny anecdotes. During their ride, we join our heroes and get to know them a little better each time.