The 2022 Belgian Top 10; Graspop Metal Meeting #1 on Instagram and Plopsa #1 on TikTok

The 2022 Belgian Top 10; Graspop Metal Meeting #1 on Instagram and Plopsa #1 on TikTok

Over the past year, Somention has conducted quarterly research into the best performing Belgian brands in the Instagram Top 100 and the TikTok Top 25. Brands have made every effort to make themselves known on these popular social platforms. Now, it is finally time to announce which Belgian accounts have scored best across all of 2022!


The research

The Instagram Top 10 and the TikTok Top 25 are compiled based on independent research by social media agency Somention. The most successful Belgian brands and international brands with a Belgian account on Instagram as well as TikTok, are rated based on the number of followers and engagement rate*. Every quarter, the brands that score best on average on these points appear in the Instagram Top 100 and the TikTok Top 25. At the end of 2022, the scores from each quarter were calculated to produce a top 10 list of the best performing brand accounts over the entire year. You can find Belgium’s top 10 further in this article.

Announcement winners

The top 10 best performing Belgian brand accounts on Instagram and TikTok of 2022 were announced today in a video by Somention. Watch the video here!

Belgian Instagram Top 100 

It’s no secret that people in Belgium love their festivals. This could already be seen in the past quarterly results. After cancellations and postponements during COVID, festival fans were more eager than ever to get back to the festival scene in 2022. This excitement is reflected in the Belgian Instagram Top 10, where five places are filled by festival accounts: Graspop Metal Meeting, Rock Wercher, Dour Festival, Pukkelpop and Rampage. 

Graspop Metal Meeting secured its position in the top as the #1 performing Belgian brand account of 2022! With a follower growth rate of 25.02% (16.800 followers), the account has gained many new fans in the past year.

The top 10 best Instagram accounts 2022

  1. @graspopmetalmeeting
  2. @walibibelgium
  3. @rockwerchterfestival
  4. @pairidaizaofficial
  5. @dourfestival
  6. @pukkelpop
  7. @rampagebelgium
  8. @zoo_planckendael
  9. @flyingbrussels
  10. @plopsa_official


Belgian TikTok Top 25

The beloved Plopsa Theme Park has been crowned best Belgian TikTok brand account of 2022! Over the past year, the following base of Plopsa grew with an outstanding amount of 18.900 followers and the account scored an excellent engagement rate of 10.85%, whereas similar accounts had an engagement rate of 6.8% over 2022. 

Their video with the highest engagement rate (32.99%) over the whole year was one in which the park wished their community a happy easter. The video’s positive sentiment definitely evoked real fan excitement, translating into this well-deserved first place.

The top 10 best TikTok accounts 2022

  1. @plopsa_official
  2. @redbullbe
  3. @tomorrowland
  4. @thedoughbar
  5. @avoandcadoclothing
  6. @universalpicturesbelgium
  7. @technopolis_be
  8. @tui.benelux
  9. @xiaomi.belgium
  10. @sncb


On behalf of Somention: congratulations to the social media teams of these great brands! Wondering who made the lists last quarter? View the Belgian Instagram Top 100 Q4  and Belgian TikTok Top 25 Q4 here.

Explanation of study

In this independent research, a number of factors were taken into account for the selection of brand accounts. To get a reliable engagement rate, only accounts with more than 5.000 followers on Instagram and accounts from 1.000 followers on TikTok are included. Excluded are (news) platforms, broadcasters, programmes, agencies and sports clubs. In addition, on Instagram, accounts with an 18+ setting (such as those of some alcoholic beverages and lotteries) are excluded due to settings of the platform. On TikTok, it is also essential that an account has uploaded videos in 2022.

*Engagement rate describes the percentage of the audience who engages with the content posted by the brand. To calculate for Instagram, the likes and comments are divided by the follower count and the number of posts for the given period. The TikTok calculation uses the number of likes, comments, and shares divided by the number of views, multiplied by 100%. 

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