The 2022 German social frontrunners on Instagram and TikTok: Europa-park and Adidas

The 2022 German social frontrunners on Instagram and TikTok: Europa-park and Adidas

The research for 2022 has been finalised and the results are in. Which German brands were most successful on social media platforms Instagram and TikTok in the past year? In this article, you can read all about the research and the results of the 2022 Instagram and TikTok Top for brands.


The research

The Instagram Top 100 and the TikTok Top 25 are compiled based on independent research by social media agency Somention. The most successful German brands and international brands with a German account on Instagram as well as TikTok, are rated based on the number of followers and engagement rate*. Every quarter, the brands that score best on average on these points appear in the Instagram Top 100 and the TikTok Top 25. At the end of 2022, the scores from each quarter were calculated to produce a top 10 list of the best performing brand accounts over the entire year. You can find Germany’s top 10 further in this article.

Announcement winners

The top 10 best performing German brand accounts on Instagram and TikTok of 2022 were announced today in a video by Somention. Watch the video here!

German Instagram Top 100 

Europa-Park is the big winner of the 2022 Instagram Top 100. Germany’s largest theme park knows exactly how to excite their fans with their creative content, and this fan enthusiasm is reflected in the numbers. The account grew their following base with 78.600 additional followers in the past year, with an excellent growth rate of 16,76%. And not only did they secure the first place in the Instagram ranking, Europa-Park is also #4 in the 2022 TikTok Top 10!

The Top 10 best Instagram accounts 2022

  1. @europapark
  2. @kliemannsland
  3. @theofficialbrabus
  4. @eurowings 
  5. @deutschebahn 
  6. @mcdonaldsde 
  7. @rockamringofficial
  8. @alangesoehne
  9. @steinwayandsons
  1. @volkswagen_de  


German TikTok Top 10

In first place in the German TikTok Top 10 of 2022, we have Adidas. The sportswear brand knows exactly how to hop-on TikTok trends and entertain their community. They showcase new collections in a creative way, are quick to catch up with the latest sports news and collaborate with well-known athletes to catch the publics’ attention. And it works! The Adidas TikTok account is growing at a tremendous rate. 2022 brought the brand 2.900.000 new followers, which is a growth of 319.29%! In only one year the average views per post went from 9.000 to 138.800. That is what we call a true social frontrunner.

The Top 10 best TikTok accounts 2022

  1. @adidas
  2. @porsche
  3. @sennheiser
  4. @europapark
  5. @bmw
  6. @bmwmotorrad
  7. @wholeyorganics
  8. @deutschebahn
  9. @redbullgermany 
  1. @essence.cosmetics


On behalf of Somention: congratulations to the social media teams of these great brands! Wondering who made the lists last quarter? View the German Instagram Top 100 Q4  and German TikTok Top 25 Q4 here.

Explanation of study

In this independent research, a number of factors were taken into account for the selection of brand accounts. To get a reliable engagement rate, only accounts with more than 10.000 followers on Instagram and accounts from 1.000 followers on TikTok are included. Excluded are (news) platforms, broadcasters, programmes, agencies and sports clubs. In addition, on Instagram, accounts with an 18+ setting (such as those of some alcoholic beverages and lotteries) are excluded due to settings of the platform. On TikTok, it is also essential that an account has uploaded videos in 2022.

*Engagement rate shows the percentage of the audience who engages with the content posted by the brand. To calculate for Instagram, the likes and comments are divided by the follower count and the number of posts for the given period. The TikTok calculation uses the number of likes, comments, and shares divided by the number of views, multiplied by 100%. 

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