Efteling places #1 on Instagram and TikTok rankings 2022

Efteling places #1 on Instagram and TikTok rankings 2022

Somention has been conducting research on the performance of brands on TikTok and Instagram for the past few quarters. The time has come to share the results; want to know which Dutch brands were most successful across all of 2022? Read this article to find out.


The research

The Instagram Top 10 and the TikTok Top 25 are compiled based on independent research by social media agency Somention. The most successful Dutch brands and international brands with a Dutch account on Instagram as well as TikTok, are rated based on the number of followers and engagement rate*. Every quarter, the brands that score best on average on these points appear in the Instagram Top 100 and the TikTok Top 25. At the end of 2022, the scores from each quarter were calculated to produce a top 10 list of the best performing brand accounts over the entire year. You can find the top 10 of the Netherlands further in this article.

Announcement winners

The top 10 best performing Dutch brand accounts on Instagram and TikTok of 2022 were announced today in a video by Somention. Watch the video here!

Dutch Instagram Top 100 

For the second time in a row, Efteling is the big winner of the Instagram Top 100. The theme park managed to achieve a 10.17% follower growth on Instagram this year, which equates to a whopping 33.800 new followers overall. The account was able to reach their community well and provoke interaction using their magical posts and reels full of trend hacking. The positive sentiment makes Efteling’s content sparkle, and that makes their fans (including us) very happy. No wonder the Efteling is so strong at the top!

This year, The Ocean Cleanup managed to move up one place, ranking second overall. The account was able to gain 220.600 followers, which means 33.59% growth in one year. The high volume of reactions and likes the account received is nothing short of remarkable. Those are truly loyal fans! And in 3rd place is none other than Bol.com! With the funniest jokes, trend hacking and Gerda, we did not expect anything less and more people agreed. The account had a growth of 14.100 followers this year!

The top 10 best Instagram accounts 2022

  1. @efteling
  2. @theoceancleanup
  3. @bol_com
  4. @annefrankhouse_official
  5. @shell
  6. @vangoghmuseum
  7. @giethoorn_village
  8. @schorembarbier
  9. @visitkeukenhof
  10. @walibihollandofficial


Dutch TikTok Top 25

Not only on Instagram, but also on TikTok, Efteling managed to take the first spot. The theme park enchanted TikTok with fun videos about the park. Among other things, they showed fans fun insights, sneak-peaks of new attractions and played on trends. This approach was met with great enthusiasm, the account managed to receive an average of 293 responses per video. We look forward to a new year full of enchanting videos!

IJsalon Borger has secured a well-deserved second place within the list. Despite the ice cream shop from Drenthe not even placing in the Top 10 over the past six months, they still managed to finish in second overall for 2022. Last year, the account experienced a growth in followers of a whopping 26.53% (24.500 followers). This is an achievement to be proud of! At number three in the TikTok Top 10, we have Duinrell. This theme park is also very popular with fans on TikTok. In 2022 the account made an impressive growth in total likes of 1.2 million!

The top 10 best TikTok accounts 2022

  1. @efteling
  2. @ijssalonborger
  3. @duinrell
  4. @netflixnl
  5. @pathe
  6. @rodekruis
  7. @redbullned
  8. @dominos_nl
  9. @jaminonline
  10. @schipholairport


On behalf of Somention: congratulations to the social media teams of these great brands! Wondering who made the lists last quarter? View the Dutch Instagram Top 100 Q4 and Dutch TikTok Top 25 Q4 here.

Explanation of study

In this independent research, a number of factors were taken into account for the selection of brand accounts. To get a reliable engagement rate, only accounts with more than 5.000 followers on Instagram and accounts from 1.000 followers on TikTok are included. Excluded are (news) platforms, broadcasters, programmes, agencies and sports clubs. In addition, on Instagram, accounts with an 18+ setting (such as those of some alcoholic beverages and lotteries) are excluded due to settings of the platform. On TikTok, it is also essential that an account has uploaded videos in 2022.

*Engagement rate shows the percentage of the audience who engages with the content posted by the brand. To calculate for Instagram, the likes and comments are divided by the follower count and the number of posts for the given period. The TikTok calculation uses the number of likes, comments, and shares divided by the number of views, multiplied by 100%. 

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