Somention scores with MediaMarkt and Feyenoord

Somention scores with MediaMarkt and Feyenoord

MediaMarkt becomes main sponsor for Feyenoord and Somention scores big with their community management.

On 3 April, MediaMarkt and Feyenoord announced their official partnership for the 2024 / 2025 season. Supporters and rivals immediately hopped on the bandwagon and expressed their feelings towards this historic collaboration.

For almost two years now, Somention has been the brains behind the community management for MediaMarkt Benelux. After the announcement the comments were flooded with football fanatics who were thrilled about the collaboration between the two red-and-white icons. 

However, not everyone was equally excited. Supporters of rival clubs quickly bid farewell to the retail chain. As we say in Rotterdam, “actions speak louder than words.” (“geen woorden, maar daden”) Responses from Somention with a wink were therefore more than appropriate.


Football fans, have clearly been expressing themselves about the collaboration and the new merchandise in the comments. Our community management team gave them all a run for their money with equally witty and insightful responses.


Now let’s hope the Feyenoord players score as many at the game this weekend.

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