Somention expands to Cambridge Innovation Center Rotterdam

Somention expands to Cambridge Innovation Center Rotterdam

We’ve got some great news to share. As of this month, Somention has expanded its office space to Cambridge Innovation Center (CIC) in Rotterdam. Somention is now officially part of the CIC Community, which helps to further scale up the international services of the agency. 

“As a member of CIC, Somention has the opportunity to create a platform in the United States and Asia for brands that want to enter the European market. The CIC offices are an international meeting place where innovation is a number one priority. The expansion to CIC therefore contributes to the broadening and deepening of Somention’s international network. – Charlotte Koeleman, CCO Somention. 

About CIC

The Cambridge Innovation Center (CIC) is the proud home of accelerators, entrepreneurs, corporates, nonprofits, and investors. The environment encourages collaboration and uses shared facilities as a targeted way to encourage knowledge sharing in the community. CIC doesn’t only offer the usual facility service. In 1999, CIC first opened its doors in Cambridge, Massachusetts. CIC has created its first European innovation community in the heart of Rotterdam, of which Somention is now a part of. It has continued to grow ever since with offices in Tokyo, Miami, Boston, Warsaw, Philadelphia, Providence and St. Louis.

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