Rotterdam The Hague Airport launches vox pop campaign with Somention

Rotterdam The Hague Airport launches vox pop campaign with Somention

Nador a new series? Nope, a city in Morocco!

In collaboration with Somention, Rotterdam The Hague Airport is launching the ‘Destination Unknown’ campaign. From the airport, you can fly to over 50 European destinations. Not all of these destinations are well-known, but they are certainly worth discovering.

Vox pop

For the campaign, Pim Markering, presenter and producer at Den Haag FM, went out in vox pop style to test the topographical knowledge of the people passing by. The video highlights four special destinations offered by Rotterdam The Hague Airport.

Britt Huurman, Marketing Specialist at Rotterdam The Hague Airport says: “We are very enthusiastic about this new campaign, in which we draw attention to our destinations in a unique and surprising way, without showing the location itself.”

Freek van Huffelen, Art Director at Somention adds: “We wanted to create an online format that doesn’t feel like advertising, so we focused on snackable social content for a broad audience. Rotterdam The Hague Airport is the first airport to use a vox pop campaign in this way, putting their destinations on the map in an entertaining way.” 

Video series

In the coming month, a new video will be posted weekly on the social channels of Rotterdam The Hague Airport. Take a look at a compilation of the series here: 

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