Domino’s launches recruitment campaign with Somention: ‘New kicks, Fresh start’

Domino’s launches recruitment campaign with Somention: ‘New kicks, Fresh start’

Finding employees remains a challenge. That is why Domino’s has launched a striking recruitment campaign aimed at Gen Z: apply with your old sneakers and get a chance to win limited edition Domino’s sneakers for a fresh start at your new job. 

Being yourself

With the recruitment campaign ‘New Kicks, Fresh start’, devised by social agency Somention, Domino’s takes a step towards its target group: Gen Z. For this generation, being completely yourself is one of the most important reasons for choosing a new job or side job. 

Vivian Kowalski, Creative Director at Somention: “We approach our target group via Instagram, TikTok and Snapchat with content that perfectly matches their interests. We know that Gen Z is very interested in fashion and exclusivity. This is how we show that Domino’s is close to its target group and knows exactly what is going on in their world. Because if you can identify with your future employer, you are much more likely to apply there.”

Casper Mooyman, Head of Marketing at Domino’s Netherlands, says: “We often see our employees wearing eye-catching shoes under their signature Domino’s outfit. It is an extension of their identity. By putting the shoes in the spotlight, we want to emphasise how important we think it is that you can be yourself at Domino’s.”


People who are interested in a job or a side job at Domino’s can apply via WhatsApp and now also send a picture of their old shoes. Accepted? Then this employee has a chance to win Limited Edition Domino’s sneakers for a fresh start at the new job.

Limited edition

The limited edition sneaker, Air Jordan 1 High, was designed especially for Domino’s by Vijz Bespokes. Besides the characteristic Domino’s red, white and blue, there are also unique features on the shoe. There is a zip in the lip, where deliverers can keep their tips. The Domino’s logo can be found subtly on the heel. Furthermore, part of the shoe has a reflective fabric, which contributes to visibility on the road.

Want to know more?

A job at Domino’s guarantees fun, flexibility and excellent development opportunities. Anyone who is ready to take the first step towards a new job can take the plunge and find out more at: www.werkenbijdominos.nl/sneakers.

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