Discover the essential role community management plays during the Euros!

Discover the essential role community management plays during the Euros!

The whole Netherlands is turning orange and the football festivities on social media are just as unavoidable. Football videos, interviews and brand-related posts are everywhere. Somention shows how you can build a loyal community around your brand with specific events like the Euros.

Relevance fosters loyalty
Trend jacking posts still score well on social media! By playing into current topics as a brand, you show that you are aware of what is happening within society and your community. You can engage with current events through witty content, but the most significant wins are made in the comments section. The way you handle incoming reactions ultimately determines the success of your post.

Engagement boost
When you capitalise on a trending topic, you have a higher chance of increased engagement with your post. And when you actively engage in community management and genuinely interact with your target audience, you draw them even closer. Community management creates a deeper connection with your following, contributes to a positive brand reputation and strengthens brand loyalty. In turn you are also able to gather actionable insights from the community to inform your future content and strategy. 

Create content your audience wants to see
Keeping your brand relevant in a fast evolving social landscape is integral to the longevity of your success. Only when you understand what your audience wants to see, can you create content that resonates. Social media goes beyond just reach. You want people to have an opinion about your brand, to remember you, and to talk about your brand to their friends. You can only achieve this if you become part of the conversation yourself.

How it works
For MediaMarkt, our community managers creatively engaged with the target audience and boosted engagement in the comment sections. This is exactly how you can score as a brand on social media!

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