Outsource social media

We surely don’t need to explain to you that social media is an important marketing tool for your brand.  A plan is quickly made, but there is often too little time, knowledge and manpower. That’s when outsourcing social media to a team of experts is a phenomenal idea. At Somention, we take care of our customers’ accounts with great love; from catchy content to advertising.

Social media is teamwork

To maximise your social media communication, you have to be a Jack of all trades. You have to be a designer, copywriter, photographer, strategist and social advertising expert all in one; besides always being online to answer questions. We have yet to meet the hero that can do it all! By (partly) outsourcing social media, you bring disciplines in-house, from content creation to community management. 


We mean, insourcing.

Outsourcing social media isn’t exactly the right word. Our team is often an extension of your marketing & communication department. See us as a few extra colleagues who are exclusively concerned with social media. That is why we call it social media insourcing.

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