Webcare & Community Management

Somebody that only talks about themselves, ignores your question and never asks for your opinion. Horrible, right? We see many brands do this on social media on a daily basis. It is so important to enter into a dialogue with your customers. By outsourcing your webcare and community management you will not only maintain your community, you will also help it grow.

Show them you care

Communication is no one-way street. That is why it is essential to instantly respond to questions and comments from your audience. With webcare we support customer service and turn negative sentiment into a positive one. Community management is the next level. We build the relationship between your brand and consumers, so that they become genuine fans of your brand! 

Everything on your radar

Do you know how your audience is talking about your brand online? We map out the conversation that’s happening online about your brand. With the implementation of our monitoring tools we are able to identify opportunities to reward fans at an early stage and foresee potential crisis situations.  

Words travel

Your international communities are also serviced by us. We avoid Google Translate at all costs. Combined, Somention is able to provide communication in 12 different languages. Your fans will be addressed in their native tongue, by native speakers. This not only results in authentic communication, it also bridges cultural aspects. Our international team will ensure that you and your fans form a strong online relationship, no matter where they are in the world.

Into the night

Social media never sleeps. It is therefore evident that you interact with your audience during evenings, weekends and public holidays to ensure their questions and comments are heard. Somention is at your service 365 days a year. As a result, we are on top of it before a situation threatens to escalate or when an opportunity arises. 

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