Determine My Trip


Rotterdam The Hague Airport; the airport where travellers can fly quickly and comfortably from A to B. Somention was asked to devise a campaign with the aim of making the airport more attractive to the millennial target group. This was the founding idea for the “Determine My Trip” campaign.

Determine My Trip took the form of an interactive Instagram campaign, in which four micro- influencers went on a journey. The followers of these influencers were able to control different aspects of their journey through the functionalities of Instagram Stories. Not only was the transmission of information about the airport central, but also the interactive fun effect played an important role. Partly thanks to the latter, the campaign was a great success.

Somention was responsible for the conception and implementation of the Determine My Trip campaign. In total we have reached 250,000 millennials from the region, significantly exceeding the expectation of 125,000 – 150,000.