Leen Bakker, the furniture giant that every Dutch person recognises from the bright magenta colour found along residential boulevards or in TV advertising. A store that is working hard every day to craft the right image and has made social media an important aspect of their marketing strategy. It is sometimes difficult to stand out among all the other big brands in the social sphere, so they came to Somention with the request to create highly engaging posts for Facebook.

How do you think of a captivating on-trend post? An idea arises, we advise on request or on our own initiative and quickly move forward. Sometimes these ideas can even be deployed across different media platforms when the demand at branches of Leen Bakker is down, such as at the Song Contest in 2019. *consider revision.

With the on-trend posts for Leen Bakker, we have added another dimension to the Facebook page of the brand. The most important ingredient is humour combined with fast collaboration in which engagement is central, tapping into current events. Posts of this nature provide on average 2000% more interaction than the product related posts.