Campaign – Hey, it’s okay


What if fear controls your life? 1 in 5 Dutch people have symptoms of anxiety, and 1 in 20 Dutch people suffer from depression. Talking about this remains difficult for many people. How can we work towards breaking this taboo on social media? Somention has started the national campaign “Hey, it’s okay, make it discussable. Because you don’t have to hide the fear you carry!” We have translated this into an organic social media strategy for Instagram.

Using colourful visuals, we have created a feed that is not only beautiful, but also has powerful content. This content has been filled with recognisable moments, quotes and stories from various experts. We have engaged even further with the followers through the use of interactive Instagram Stories. The visual aspect of the campaign has been strengthened with the use of various GIFs on Instagram Stories. We successfully launched this through a giveaway.

All this communication and content has contributed to the name recognition of the campaign. However, discussions can only take place on social media. All participants are encouraged to speak via the special hashtag #heyhetisoke or under the posts. This created a true community!