Love for your skin


Bepanthen is known for their ointments and creams. There is the Baby Ointment against diaper rash and Protective Ointment against chapped skin spots, which can also be used for the aftercare of a new tattoo. The target group; from the youth to the elderly! Bepanthen’s objective when they came to Somention in 2016? Starting their social media channels and building a community on Facebook and Instagram through fun, activating content as well as interactive community management and webcare. Brand awareness was central and the community was built. Now, a few years later, the focus is still on brand awareness and engagement, but conversion is also included in the current strategy.

In addition to always-on content and community management, Somention is also responsible for initiating and executing influencer campaigns that contribute to the loading of #BepanthenMomentje. For this campaign, we worked with mother influencers such as Annic ten Duis, Ellen Hoog, Liza Sips and Pauline Wingelaar.