Influencer Marketing

Step into the world of your audience with influencer marketing!


Influencers allow you to connect with fans that were once out of reach. Whether you want to reach a broad audience or a specific niche – influencers can help you achieve your goals.

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Together, works!

From strategic concept to brand and influencer matchmaking, and from inspiring briefings to creative expression of the content creator. We plan, execute and deliver results. Time and again we challenge ourselves to  think bigger, but always with your goal in mind. 


Our experienced team of content managers closely works with influencer managements.This guarantees fast action and short communication lines. Our extensive knowledge of creation in combination with influencer marketing allows us to continually surprise your brand or company with the most creative social media campaigns.

Advertising vs. influencers?

Wouldn’t it be better to spend that budget on advertising? That is a question we often get. Somention is a strong believer in the combination of both. The trick is to add influencer marketing to your marketing mix. This will allow you to reach those fans that would otherwise just slip through your fingers.

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From micro to MEGA

Are you convinced that influencer marketing will help you promote your brand, but are you unsure which influencer(s) to choose? We are happy to advise you on the use of micro to mega influencers, and map out the impact for you.

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