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Our Mission

As social natives, we know how to tell the story of companies and brands through social media. We are enthusiastic about the brands that we work with, that way we can passionately turn our customers’ followers into true fans. Connecting people to brands, that’s what it’s all about.


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What we

Social media has become an expert job. How do you reach your target group and how do you engage your fans with your brand? We are a team of social natives who adapt your marketing strategy into attractive social media content and turn your followers into fans of your brand.  We have been doing that successfully since 2011.

Social bureau Somention

Social Media Plan

Just publishing content without a plan is over. If you want to make impact, you need a plan. What kind of content fits the right social media channel? And what is the brand story you’d like to tell? Somention will make a useful social media content plan, including visuals to make your social media accounts successfull.

Content Creation

A poll in an Instagram Story, inspiring flat lays or Augmented Reality: social content gives your a brand a voice. Turn your target group in to real fans. Somention’s creators dive into your brand DNA to create unique content.

Community Management

Our digital natives transform followers into fans of your brand. We are convinced that a enthusiastic community will turn your brand into a love brand. Interacting with your community is not a 9 to 5 job, we are always on, just as your fans.


A product launch, an exciting promotion, a gigantic event, an activation: a creative social media campaign is the way to go. Who is your target group, what’s the story line, what’s your goal and how? We create beautiful campaigns, which go beyond social media alone!

Interactive Concepts & Productions

In 2019 Somention started with RocketLab (www.rocket-lab.nl), an innovation platform where creation meets innovation. Based on this principle we have produced cool GIF campaigns and many Snapchat lenses/filters for well knows brands.


Somention helps brands to reach their goals by using the right social media strategy. Our mission has been accomplished when the followers our client became fans.

Influencer Management

What is more beautiful than seeing your product in someone’s hand who has a huge reach? By using influencers your brand will be more known in a specific target group. Managing influencer campaigns is what we do. Successfully.

Social Media Outsourcing

Many brands would like to improve their social media presence. A plan can be made fast, but the execution can be difficult. Lack of time, knowledge or man power can be the cause. That is why outsourcing could be a great solution. Somention will take care of your social media accounts with all our love, from content creation to advertising.

Social Advertising

Somention’s advertising team will bring your message to the right target group. More fans, higher sales or more brand awareness? Somention makes targeted campaigns on all social media channels.

In house social studio

We work with a team of dedicated visual professionals in our own photo- and video studio. They take care of high end video’s, social shoots, GIF’s and AR Lenses.

We are the social natives of Somention. Every day we combine our hands and brains to advise brands about the right way to use social media. Why we are good at what we do? Because we work with brands we truly like!

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