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We are one of the first and largest social media agencies in the Netherlands. We have offices in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Breda, but you’ll find us everywhere. We work for over 75 amazing brands and companies that are inspired and supported by us. These collaborations provide us with mountains of enthusiasm, recognition and moments to celebrate. We like to be proud of our work and our customers, thanks to them we get the best out of ourselves every day. A job at Somention means not only going that extra step for your customers, but also for your colleagues.


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There is nothing more frustrating than having to follow your manager’s exact orders all day long. At Somention, we give you a lot of responsibility and let you work independently for amazing A-brands clients.

Varying clients

Our amazing network of clients is extremely diverse: cool fashion brands, demanding pharmaceutical companies, eager start-ups, communities and large and small brands that can be found at the supermarket. This ensures that every day is different!

Drinks & nibbles

Every two months our teams get together for drinks somewhere in the Netherlands. Additionally we have a company retreat each year. The Somention team has already visited Antwerp, Düsseldorf and Leuven. We believe our Instagram account says enough.

Love from, your colleagues

Seriously, you’ll find the best colleagues in the Netherlands at Somention. Who knows, maybe you’ll even meet your new BFF? At Somention we’re in it together! So, you’ll never have to drink your birthday bottle of champagne alone, we’ll take one for the team!

Somention Academy

Once in a while we invite an inspiring speaker to a great location and host a Somention Academy for both clients and employees. This enables us to always stay up-to-date with the latest social media developments. All of this accompanied with a drink, of course.

Retirement? Fixed!

Nothing exciting, but we arrange everything for your pension. Not all companies can say that nowadays…


Working in a boring location on the outskirts of the city? Well, no! Our offices are located at beautiful locations in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Breda. Easily accessible by public transport, and additionally: many inspiring addresses in each of the neighbourhoods.