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We help companies to achieve the online objectives, by developing the right social media strategy. We believe we have succeeded this mission when our clients’ followers have transformed into fans. We take them into a world full of social and digital interaction.


Who is your target audience?

To connect people with a brand and consequently make them a fan, it is important to know who to reach. Together with our client we tailor a suitable strategy to properly identify the right target audience. This allows the social media to be used strategically.

How do you reach them?

If the target group is clear, it is time to deliberately connect these potential fans to the brand. We collaborate with our customers to discover which social media can be used, when it should be used and how. Because, the overall goal is: as much interaction as possible and building a relationship.

Social media plan

After that everything rests on the plan. Building a fan base is only possible when the right story is used at the right time via the right channel. Speaking and interactive content is of great importance here. To elevate the plan to a next level, Somention can offer professional knowledge to let your brand excel on social media. Advertising via social media and bringing the brand to the attention of online influencers, are only a few of the many possibilities.

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