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The taste of Spain

The name may not give it away straight away, but the yellow jar of Allioli from the supermarket probably will. The target group of this Spanish food brand is very broad and that’s what encapsulates Choví, producer of many more table sauces, active in more than 20 countries and a very interesting client.

Choví asked us – under considerable time pressure, which we can deal with – to create a Dutch website, to create content on Facebook and to maintain their community management. Although we have the ability to work with a pre-existing image bank, we advised Choví to make new images with a food photographer that reflects what the brand is: traditional yet sleek and clean.

We are proud of the first results; brand awareness has grown. For the coming years we will develop and create new, large and innovative campaigns and activities. We will do this in collaboration with food bloggers and culinary journalists. Our network is large, and we are committed to many of our customers and therefore also to Choví.