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    Everybody has their thing.

    Bepanthen protects and supports the skin, young and old. Somention is less interested in your skin, but more interested in a lively community of followers on Instagram and Facebook. We help think about the strategy, devise and create social campaigns and content and we naturally provide community management. Creating a content calendar is just the beginning.

    On Facebook we have close to 24/7 interaction with the target group and give appropriate responses to any questions. We do this in close cooperation with Bayer, Bepanthen’s producer. Community management is intense, but in the case of the pharmaceutical industry it proves to be even more challenging. We therefore work with a team of people who have been thoroughly trained and know the product inside out.

    The focus on Instagram is obviously images and posts that are worth sharing. We keep a keen eye on the mood board: a combination of existing and created images. In order to make the campaigns a success, we work together with our network of influencers, bloggers and vloggers

    Both the fan base on Facebook and Instagram has grown considerably and thanks to the right advice on social advertising, the sales of Bepanthen also increased. That is what we do it for.






    “Club Van Relaxte Moeders” – bucket list campaign

    We rolled out campaigns via Facebook, Instagram and blogs for Bepanthen, one of which was a big campaign in collaboration with the ‘Club van Relaxte Moeders’ (more than 140, 000 likes on Facebook). We made a bucket list of outdoor activities for children and mothers were called upon to tick off the bucket list. The range alone on Bepanthen’s account was more than 1,500,000.

    Bepanthen on Instagram

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