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Many brands want to get their brand’s social media up and running. A plan is quickly constructed, yet often there’s not enough time, knowledge or manpower to get started. That is why outsourcing is a good idea! Outsource your social media with confidence thanks to Somention. We take care of the customers’ accounts with great dedication, from catchy content to advertising and everything in-between.

Social media is team work

To get the most of your social media communication, you will need to wear many different hats. You are a designer, text writer, photographer, online marketer, social advertising specialist all in one. Besides, naturally also always being online to answer questions. We still have to come across, the expert that is capable of all of this. By (partially) outsourcing social media, all of these disciplines will be in house, from content creation to community management.

Outsource? You mean in-house procurement.

Outsourcing social media is not the right word. Our team is often the extension of the marketing communication department. A few extra colleagues who only deal with social media. That’s why we call it social media.

Temporary vs permanent

Do you fall short in the marketing/communication department because of maternity leave or pressure, shortage of staff  or knowledge. Somention makes it possible to hire social media experts during this period. This will allow you to keep busy with your own core tasks!

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