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As digital natives, we know how to tell the story of companies and brands through social media. We like to work with brands that enthuse us, to allow us to turn our customers’ followers into true fans. Because, connecting people to brands, that is what it is all about.

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Social Media Plan

Posting content just for the sake of posting is old. If you want to send the right message as a brand, you need to adopt a systematic approach. Which content fits with which social media channel? What story do the readers want to read? How can we effectively present this?

Content Creation

A poll on InstaStories, inspiring flat lays or cinematographic: social content gives your brand a voice. Turn your target audience into real fans. Our Somention experts adapt to your brand DNA to create unique engaging content.

Community Management

Our digital natives transform your brand’s followers into real fans. We are convinced: an enthusiastic brand community creates a loyal support base full of interaction and recognition. Even on holidays, weekends and evenings: your fans are always on!


Google calls it Hero-content: campaigns that are set up for maximum reach and impact. For example: activations that ensure your target group comes into contact with your brand, or campaigns that ensure growth in brand awareness.


Somention helps you achieve your online goals by developing the right social media strategy. We believe that this particular mission has succeeded when your brand’s followers are transformed into true fans. We take them on a journey into a world full of social and digital interaction.

Influencer Management

What could be better than seeing your brand in the hands of someone with an insanely wide reach? Vloggers, bloggers or a former Miss Netherlands, by introducing influencers your brand will be in the right place at the right time, giving it the perfect brand exposure. From nano influencers to macro influencers, everything is possible.

Outsourcing Social Media

Many brands want to have an online presence and start up their social media. A plan is quickly generated, yet due to lack of time, knowledge and manpower their accounts aren’t running smoothly. If you’re stuck for time or out of your depths, then outsourcing is a good idea. Thanks to Somention you can outsource your social media with confidence.

Social Advertising

The advertising team at Somention ensures you that the right message reaches the right target group. Or if you want more followers, more sales or more brand awareness, we’ll be sure to assist. Somention provides result-oriented campaigns on social media channels.

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We are the social natives at Somention. Every day we combine hands & brains to advise brands about the correct way to use social media. Why are we experts? Because we work with brands that enthuse us about what we do!

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